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1.) Is the quote that the estimator quotes me on my written estimate the price the move will remain. I hear all the time about “hidden costs and fees?”

  • At Room 2 Room Moving Services, our experienced professional estimator will give you an honest written estimate based on your specific move. THAT IS THE PRICE YOUR MOVE WILL STAY as long as your possessions and destinations remain the same. If you decide to move additional items then and only then could your  moving quote increase. We work very thoroughly to give our customers a honest quote, and that is the price that it will stay. At Room 2 Room, we believe in NO HIDDEN FEES OR COSTS. We believe in being 100% honest and up front.


2.) Is Room 2 Room Moving Licensed and Insured?


  • Yes, we are fully licensed and insured.


3.) Would I be able to purchase additional insurance other than the free basic insurance that comes with my move?


  • Yes, you can purchase additional insurance by asking your professional estimator about additional insurance options.


4.) Can you help me with packing if needed?


  • We offer full service packing and unpacking services to assist our customers’ with all phases of their move.


5.) Do you do assembly and disassembly on items such as beds etc.?


  • Anything we take apart during your move, we will put back together


6.) Can you move items such as pianos?


  • Room 2 Room Moving is well versed in all types of pianos as well as grandfather clocks, weight equipment, refrigerator, safes and etc.


7.) My building requires proof of insurance for my move – can you please provide this?


  • Yes we will provide a certificate of insurance that most buildings accept within 48 hours of receiving a request.


8.)My apartment has very strict rules regarding floor damage and scratches on the walls. Does Room 2 Room Moving take steps to prevent that?

  • Room 2 Room protects any apartment or residence with floor protection, banister wrap and any other necessary precautions to ensure damages do not happen. We are very professional, and take extra care to prevent any damages from happening.


Concerns about Pricing/ Payment


      1.) What are the available options to pay for my move?

  • You can pay for your move by cash, certified check, check, money order or by credit card. Please note with credit card – we do not take a processing fee to secure your moving deposit, however there is a processing fee if you wish to pay for your move via credit card.


      2.) Is a deposit required to secure my moving date?

  • Yes, we do require a deposit.


      3.)When is payment due?

  •  Payment is due upon completion of move.


Before and After Moving


      1.) What is the time frame that I need in advance to schedule my moving date?


  • If you have specific time and date restrictions, always try to plan and schedule your move at least two weeks to a month in advance.


      2.) Who should I contact after my move if I have a question or concern?


  • You should contact our business customer service line at 720-598-5495. They are able to handle all of your issues in a timely manner.


Loading and Unloading


      1.) On the day of move, when should the moving team be arriving?


  • When a written estimate is giving to our customers, a 30-­‐ minute ETA is giving for the date of your move. You will also get a confirmation call the day before your move to insure ETA is still correct.


      2.) When is the latest the moving team works?


  • Unless you are in an apartment building or HOA community that has time restrictions for moving, our expert moving team will stay until your job is done.


      3.) Will inclement/bad weather affect my moving process?


  •  For local moving, we are a professional moving company, and we are trained to continue to work in inclement weather.


      4.) How long will my move take? How many crew members will come for my move?


  • Both of these questions are specific to your move and how much you are taking. It can take the minimum 3 hours of labor time until the job is completed. As far as how many men you will have for your move, it can be from 2 – 7 men on your job.


      5.) Would I need to be at home during my move?


  • We would prefer that you are home for your moving process, however if you cannot be. We request you appoint an adult representative that will be supervising our team for your move.


Packing Questions

      1.) Would you provide boxes to me if needed?

  • Yes, we can provide boxes please note that they are considered a specialized supply, and there is an additional charge.


      2.) Should I empty all of my dresser and desk drawers entirely, or can they be transported as is?


  • Please note in order to prevent any damages or the danger of items falling out in transit, we do require that everything but clothes be taken out of drawers.


      3.) Can I pack my jewelry and important documents for delivery?


  • We strongly recommend not packing important documents or items such as personal financial information, car keys, insurance policies, cash, prescription medicine, licenses, birth certificates/passports, jewelry of extraordinary value, etc.

  • You can take them with you or have them shipped separately by a friend or family member after you move in. These items are NOT covered by Room 2 Room Moving at all.


      4.) Do you charge for wrapping and protecting my furniture?


  • No, part of our expert moving process is to protect all of your possessions with professional moving pads and shrink-­‐wrap. That is no charge to you at all.


Other Possible Questions    


      1.) Should I tip my moving crew? How much should I tip?

  •  If you believe your professional moving crew met or surpassed your expectations, your crew would greatly appreciate any amount of monetary appreciation. Suggested Gratuity for Movers and Packers is 15%-­‐ 20% of the entire invoice. Tipping is however at your discretion and not necessary.


      2.) What is the size of your moving truck?


  •  Our truck are 16 feet and 26 feet. 


      3.) Would I be able to ride along in the truck or help with the move process?

  • Unfortunately, that is not a possibility for safety and insurance reasons.

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